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Future Thinking Toolkit
Exploring alternative futures.

The Challenge

How might we challenge big decision makers to cope with the future’s uncertainty & unpredictability to help them establishing an internal optimistic future mindset ?

The Outcome

The Future Thinking Toolkit is a creative foresight framework as well as a workshop format. It includes methods and canvases that guide you through the 3-step process of creating a desirable future vision and a strategy to achieve that. 

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Thinking ahead is messy!

Future Thinking is about exploring alternative futures. We cannot predict the future and find the answer for “what will happen”. But we can - and should - explore possible futures and ask which one is most desirable. Asking the big “What if..? “ question enables us to shape the future proactively. This puts us in a much better position than just observing and reacting to trends and disruptions once they become apparent. 

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The workshop

The Future Thinking Workshop enables you to define a vision in a participatory process. We firstly establish a deep self-reflection on your own values and wishes and secondly gain insights about signals that surround us. By addressing those trends and wishes, we can learn to cope with the future’s uncertainty and accepting its unpredictability 


The card game

Create possible future scenarios far beyond the probable ‚business as usual‘ with the Future Thinking Card deck. With this playful approach we are able to inspire and imagine together as a team your future world, which does not yet exist.

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This project was realised in close collaboration with

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